City of Berkeley Offers Money for Energy Efficiency

Finally there may be Money for Energy Efficiency (ME2) in Berkeley!

Federal stimulus funding will be available for whole-house energy retrofit programs, beginning July 6th. The City of Berkeley will be coordinating cash incentives to increase the energy efficiency of your home, apartment building or business. Funding is provided by the US Dept. of Energy and is available for all types of buildings and income levels! Energy retrofits help you save money, improve building comfort, safety and durability as well as reduce your carbon footprint!

·         Up to $8,500 for single-family & duplex homes (including rebates through PG&E)
·         Up to $30,000 for commercial & multifamily properties
The City is holding two public workshops so homeowners can learn how you can qualify for this funding!

North Berkeley Senior Center
Tuesday June 15th 6-8pm
1901 Hearst Avenue, Berkeley CA 94709

South Berkeley Senior Center
Thursday June 17th 6-8pm
2939 Ellis Street, Berkeley CA 94703

Funding exists for grants for only 120 single family home and duplexes, so a lottery will be held to determine who will be given the early applications. It will be fascinating to see if,  like the earlier solar program, all those spaces disappear in a heartbeat! The City of Berkeley is still updating their information about the energy efficiency grants. Check out the current information, and be ready to pounce on the 6th of July if you are serious about making energy improvements to your home. It’s a shame that those of us who care deeply about making these improvements in our older, drafty but charming Berkeley homes must be in such tight competition for such limited resources. I’ll be seeing you in the queue on the 6th!

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