A Season of Changes

This past week brought rain to the Bay Area, and the emergence of wisteria around town, one of my favorite plants.  In this atmosphere of cleansing and renewal, I’ve made a change of brokerage. I already feel some of that sense of renewal in my business! I have joined Red Oak Realty, and am now part of the Solano Avenue Office, the closest office to my home. It’s nice to be located in my actual neighborhood, but I joined them primarily because the new leadership at Red Oak has been really impressive over the past couple of years.  They provide wonderful support for their agents, which ultimately benefits my clients. The Red Oak leadership team has been amazingly responsive so far, and the agents all seem supportive. They’re also coming out with more sophisticated branding (the red boxes will go), and they’re also working on more luxury materials. They have a terrific  in-house fellow who just works on social media and on-line presence, and I look forward to working closely with him to expand my on-line presence. It also will be good to be part of a larger network of agents. It is my sincere hope that Red Oak and my brand, GreenBungalows, will be complementary indeed!

If you’d like to read more about the change check out the press release. My phone and email remain unchanged: call me direct at 510.717.1799, or email at eastbay.bungalows@gmail.com

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