Celebrate Earth Day in Berkeley CA: Responsible Electronics Recycling Friday, April 20th

Arlene at last year's e-cycling event--look at the size of that monitor!

On Friday, April 20th from 10 am – 3 pm I will be pleased to help collect electronics items from members of the Berkeley, CA community as part of our annual Earth Day celebration. On behalf of the Berkeley Association of REALTORS (BAR), each year for the past three years I’ve organized this e-cycling event to encourage both my fellow Realtors and our clients to reduce, reuse and recycle. It’s important to realize that not all electronics recycling is the same. Unfortunately, too many places simply collect electronics and ship them to third world countries. That’s why I’m pleased that we at BAR are able to partner with GreenCitizen, a company that recycles responsibly. We’re also pleased to help them celebrate their first year of business in Berkeley at their eco-center on Shattuck Avenue near University Avenue. We’ll be accepting just about anything that has a cord or a battery. With regret, batteries and light bulbs we cannot accept.

REALTORS are especially dependent on technology now, so it’s crucial that we do our part to recycle our obsolete products in a responsible manner. But that’s just one aspect of the larger problem known as Designing for the Dump. Check out this entertaining and smart video about this global problem–and then visit BAR on Friday with your lifeless laptop!

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