Keeping Out the Winter Cold

header_img_2These past few days saw me wearing my down coat and gloves, and being very pleased to have heated seats in my car. How is the temperature in your home? If your PG&E bill just shot up like our real estate market, I encourage you to check out a cool FREE online tool for those of us in Alameda County:  Home Energy Analyzer helps Alameda County residents monitor our home energy use. Home Energy Analyzer offers specific tips to stop wasting energy and money and make our homes more comfortable.

It’s quick and easy to enroll at Once enrolled, you will receive a customized report for your home including:

-          How you used energy at home in the last 12 months

-          Simple, easy steps to take to stop wasting money on your energy bill

-          List of available rebates that can save you up to $4,500

The Home Energy Analyzer collects your energy use data from PG&E and then asks you to provide basic information about your home, such as size, age, number of occupants, thermostat settings, etc. and based on your answers provides helpful recommendations for reducing your energy use.

I hope you’ll find this a useful tool.


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