Change is Hard; Change is Good!

by arlene on November 7, 2010

I began the week and the month of November in a manner I won’t soon forget: yes, watching the Giants win the World Series! But I was actually referring to something of importance to a somewhat smaller audience: I switched brokerages and have joined the new Berkeley Office of McGuire Real Estate. McGuire has been a luxury real estate firm in San Francisco since 1919, and has just established a presence in the East Bay within the past year. It was flattering to be approached by a manager I like a great deal, but I was also impressed by the support systems they provide their agents. So far, I definitely believe I made the right choice!

The Berkeley Office occupies the space on College Avenue near Ashby between Trattoria Siciliana and Gordo’s Taqueria where ERI used to be. It’s been remodeled and had a change of colors to a peaceful mossy green palette. There’s a small garden in the back and on warm days we can entertain clients outside by reaching across the bar in back to order. I have a desk upstairs under a skylight with a view of the garden, and I look forward to settling in. If you’re in the Elmwood neighborhood, drop in and say hello!

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