Help put this group out of Business!

Ten thousand callers. Twenty million pounds and thirty thousand bags of food. That’s the volume per year that is handled by the Alameda County Food Bank, working through a network of 275 member agencies. Impressive numbers—and indeed it’s an impressive operation. I had the opportunity to tour their 118K square foot facility and speak with their managers of Corporate and Foundation Relations, Rosanna McDonald, as well as their Manager of Individual Giving, Shannon Lee-Rutherford.

me, Rosanna, Shannon, and Kim McGuire-Reid

 The Alameda County Community Food Bank, started in 1985, is today one the busiest and most efficient emergency food helplines in California. Forty nine thousand people weekly–one out of every six county residents– receives food through their services. Many of those beneficiaries are children and the elderly. One program provides food directly to school children in need.

 Their motto is well-chosen: Providing Food for Today and Hope for Tomorrow. In addition to providing emergency food assistance, the Food Bank provides nutritional counseling, and is active in making recommendations on policy related to dealing with hunger within communities. They also assist in coordinating food stamps for those who are eligible.

 To receive donations of food and get them into the hands of those in need takes a smooth operation, and 70 employees who are joined by nearly 7900 volunteers over the course of the year. Many community groups come to the impressive sorting areas during two shifts, six days per week, to donate their time sorting food, half of which is perishable produce. I visited the Food Bank to arrange for the East Bay Chapter of Women’s Council of REALTORS of which I am President this year to become a sponsor of the Food Bank. I am proud that a portion of all of our sponsorship monies will go to support the ACCFB from now on.

If I can impose on you for just 30 seconds more, I urge you to watch this short, punchy video summary. I was pleased to note that it was edited by a client of mine!

If you would like to make a donation you can do so online at  An impressive 96 cents of every dollar donated goes directly to feeding Alameda County residents. 

I like their mission: to go out of business! With contributions of money, food or your time, we can help them reach that goal. Will you join me?

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