Primer of Arts & Crafts Styles

In the East Bay we are fortunate to have many examples of homes designed and built in the styles of the Arts & Crafts movement, as it evolved in our area. While we must use the word “styles”—plural—the specific styles fall under the general heading of Arts & Crafts. More specifically, they fall under the category of First Bay Tradition homes.

First Bay Tradition homes all share a close relationship with nature, sensitivity to basic materials and appreciation of structural form and craftsmanship. Natural redwood and fir, exposed beams, built-in bookcases and buffets, have tremendous appeal to the current generations of homebuyers seeking natural qualilty for their living environment, and for a financial investment.

First Bay Tradition homes fall into four categories:

The following descriptions are based on materials from Rehab Right – How to Rehabilitate Your Oakland House Without Sacrificing Architectural Assets, published by the City of Oakland Planning Department.

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