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by arlene on December 16, 2021

The diversity of the East Bay is quite inspirational – it offers a little something for everyone. We know that many restaurants and small businesses have folded as a result of the pandemic, and others are having a difficult time staying open. To protect the variety of local businesses that make our community unique, let’s choose to buy from small businesses we know and love. And it’s a sustainable alternative to the added, and often excessive, packaging and carbon footprinit of ordering online. Here are a few that I hope you’ll want to support this year.  And if you visit stores like The Gardener, Sur la Table, or Bette’s Diner, you get to enjoy some of the best holiday lights in the Bay Area!

Foodies & Chefs

For food lovers in your life, here are a few local eateries you may enjoy:.

For Those Needing to Unwind

Stress abounds in these uncertain times. Consider a few relaxation “techniques”:

Coffee & Tea Lovers

Stay warm during those cold mornings:

Bookworms & Audiophiles

Books and music are some of the best ways to buy local:

Green Thumbs

For your gardening-loving and eco-conscience friends:

Gift Stores

Having a difficult time thinking of what to get for the hard-to-gift someone? Consider a few special stores:


This hardly scrapes the surface of what the East Bay has to offer, but it should serve as a helpful resource for your last-minute shopping needs. Let’s do what we can to support our local business and ensure that we uphold the beautiful diversity of our community.

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